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My house is so much warmer and cozier since Energy Plus insulated our walls and attic. Last winter I had a space heater running all the time because of all the chilly drafts and this year, even with the cold weather, I haven't used it at all. Obi was very knowledgeable and helpful with the rebates from the City and Province which really made a big difference.

Michel Longtin
Medicine Hat.

Had my home insulated by Obi, owner of Energy Plus Insulation and wow what an amazing difference.I had the recommended R50 blown into my attic. Since then my furnace cuts in half the amount of time. As well the air in the  room stays warmer longer, has made my home a  more comfortable environment. 

Obi explained the process start to finish, was very sincere, as well assisted me in the rebate process. His staff were very professional and prompt, as well cleaning up, you wouldn't have known they were there. I would highly recommend Obi for your home insulation requirements.

Tyler Hopfner

We had Obi do our spray in insulation at our 13000 square foot shop. The service was great and the job was done on time with no hassles. I highly recommend this company for all your insulation needs.

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37 Cunliffe Cres. SE 
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Linda Price 

 First Obi came to my home to see if in fact I needed more insulation (which I assuredly did) He gave me a quote & also told me about the Hatsmart program (so basically insulating my home, saving me on utilities, bonus I get cash back from this program win win)
He even called to set up that appointment.
When time came the guys did a fantastic job including clean up.

Obi went above & beyond his job by addressing issues that I guarantee others would have ignored.

I would definitely recommend Energy Plus Insulation.

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A.B. Cooper

Medicine Hat.

Newer insulation technology  = Nice savings on

60 yr. old residence!

Obi came and did a very comprehensive quote, inside and out. Determined where my heating/cooling deficiencies were, and also took into consideration original construction efficiencies. In 3 business days, his efficient team had finished the job and we went from R zero - 13 to an R value of 50 throughout our attic and sunporch! Hats Off to quality, care and professionalism of his install team! Shout Out to anybody wanting/needing to save on Utility Bills (and the world for future generations:).

Highly recommend Obi and his team!